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FOX Business
Jun 27, 2013 9:00pm EDT
is listening to your telephone calls. john: government officials do like. >> does the nsa collect any type of data at all? >> no. john: my fellow libertarians are mad at me. they say, i am not angry enough. >> you know, i don't think this is john stossel. i think it is an impostor. john: i'm angrier than she is. >> i don't mind. it's not like it will be on tmz. john: big brother and privacy. that's our show tonight. -7♪ >> and now john stossel. ♪ john: 65 years ago, that novel struck a chord. people feared the future would bring government spying on us through telescreens that were everywhere, even in our bedrooms. big brother was watching. when computers became popular people feared that the intnet would become government's way of controlling s. we libertarians said, no, the opposite is true. the internet and personal computer revolution is have freed us from all kinds of government control. it did, but lately we learn about several orwellian like intrusions on our privacy. most recently that the national security agency tracks our phone calls and some e-mails. this is a terrible thre
FOX Business
Jun 28, 2013 12:00am EDT
would be government spying on us through screens everywhere even in our edrooms big brother was watching and when computers became popular people fear the internet with the government's way to control us. ww said the opposite side and the internet and personal computer revolution has freed us from government control and it did but lately we've learned about several orwellian like intrusions on our privacy most recently with the national security agency tracking your phone calls in the mills this is a terrible threat to american liberty says when congressman. there just mining data but not listening to phone calls >> it violates the constitution's fourth amendment protects us from unreasonable search and seizure fiscal elite -- clearly violates the fourth amendment and the government gathering information with a general warrant outlined by the constitution. not on the basis of any suspicion that just because their people and the information is useful that is what the founders expressly prohibited with the constitution teeseven it is useful for me if he keeps me from being blo
FOX Business
Jul 4, 2013 4:00pm EDT
: the word austerity means self-denial, when applied to government it means cting spending. i put the word in quotes here, because, despite media whaling about it -- wailing about austerity there have been few real cutsere or in europe. there are books out like off ofausterity kills. he said this comic strip explains it all portrays. aliens who want to destroy ear earth. aliens shoot him for reveals the truth. >> i'm proud to be an off the an austarian . unfortunately, only a few people in congress actually take my side and wt to cut spending. i am happy to have one of them here with us, senator rand paul. proposed specific cuts, but senator, i'm told if he cut now, when the economy is not great, this will make unemmloyment worse. >> well here is the amazing thing about people saying that we are living in an age of off the austerity, we he not cut any spending in washington. spending still is growing, in washington. when they say if youutt spending -- if you cut spending that will cause lack of economy growth. people spend money, just who spends it, friedman had this he put it well, he sa
Jun 30, 2013 3:00pm PDT
arrangement. here is the report. >> the u.s. government and taliban delayed their direct high-level talks, expected to start soon in qatar's doha. the talks, aimed at ending years of fighting, or also meant to draw in afghan officials. but before the talks had even started, things got off key. black suv's, likely belonging to american security personnel, showed up in the new taliban office. the president was due to meet taliban representatives for the first direct, open, high-level u.s.-taliban meeting. secret discussions began to years ago. the taliban office opened in doha under the name of the political office of the islamic emirate of pakistan. >> i want to publicly commend president karzai for taking this courageous step, and his determination to end the conflict and build a future of security, peace, and prosperity for the afghan people. i know the president shares my view on this. we will continue to support these efforts, in partnership with the afghan government. i want to repeat -- we do not anticipate this process will be easy or quick. what we must pursue it in parallel with o
Jul 4, 2013 5:30am PDT
's military leaders say they have no intent or desire to govern and i hope to make good on the promise. in the meantime, u.s. aid is cut off when a democratically elected government is deposed by military coup or decree. the king of saudi arabia says we strongly shake hands with the men of all the armed forces -- bashar al-assad has praised the crew -- coup. he said what is happening in egypt, political islam -- he says anyone -- the syrian government considered -- continue its weakland --barton ofhoms -- weekend .t's bombardment of homs after taking a strategic town. of the first cities to rise up against al-assad. it has seen some of the worst fighting in the two and a half year conflict in syria's opposition coalition is meeting in turkey to elect a new president. the acting leader is expected to get the job. other contenders include senior figures. the opposition has been criticized for failing to unite ahead of those peace talks in geneva. france has apologized to bolivia for refusing to allow the president's jet into its airspace. resident morality has arrived back in bolivia to
Jun 29, 2013 4:00pm EDT
of the russian government was made to pay? >> yes, sure. well, it was never classified as a war crime. there was the inquiry afterwards, the board of inquiry, but that was internal. that was the german navy itself. what happened though was they wanted the soviet union, would have been the highest military honor, but as i mentioned, the track record didn't serve him well. he -- there was another incident where he had fired on a boat, and he exaggerated his report, so he had this history of that. he was responsible for tore torpedoing another space to general stevens a few weeks after this. he does not get the recognition that he craves. the soviet government doesn't classify, you know, just moves on, and they don't want to talk about it again because that would capitalize on their atrocities. it was the soviet liberators of concentration camps. their stories was not told, a positive story for them, but because of what was beginning on with stalin and forced labor camps. he's not -- it's not until power shifts, and he's long dead that he does get hero of the soviet union, and he's, toda
Jun 30, 2013 9:00pm EDT
care law and ross johnson talks about the purpose of a broadcast, how the government determines its effectiveness and oversight. live at 7:00 a.m. eastern on c- span. >> they had a tremendous role. talking about martha's, the things she gave george, that going to camp every winter was huge and he also. it was not just sally ford. it was every winter of the eight long years of the revolutionary war. and she hated it. it was dangerous. the roads were dangerous. she was a prime object of hostagetaking. but he was key to troop morrow. he felt that very strongly. he would organize the other officers wives and they would cook for the soldiers. they would sew for the soldiers, nurse the soldiers, put on entertainment for the soldiers. during the war, washington's genius was keeping the army together. washington would say he could not have done it without martha. he begged her to come to camp every year. so that she could work with the troops. and the troops adored her. >> as we continue our conversation on first ladies, leslie stall, cokie roberts, and akil reed-amar. 9:00 eastern on c-spa
Jun 30, 2013 7:30am PDT
citizens better with government * . i ran it for almost nine years. and when i was elected to office four years ago, i was unfortunately more surprised than i wanted to be about how far behind san francisco government was. this was very 2008, 2009. with you i'm really proud of the leaps and bounds we have taken as a city * . i was proud in 2010 to help move forward legislation to really bring together city departments to work in a coordinated way with our committee on information technology. to help create a chief information officer position for the city. i was also proud to work with then mayor newsome in passing the first generation of open data legislation that we have. but as our civil grand jury in june pointed out, our i-t in san francisco is still in need of a culture shock. and this is where all of us come in today. we have 200 data sets that have already been put out there, but by and large the data sets put out by city government are data sets that i think show us in a very positive way. from my perspective, it's important for us to keep on pushing data sets that allow us to de
Jul 3, 2013 7:00am EDT
the nhs birthday is to go on investing in it like this government is with an extra 12 million pounds but also to be on the side of patients and that's why we are introducing the chief inspector of hospitals will make a real difference and yes, we do need to in the culture of secrecy and cover-up that we had under labour. >> mr. ed miliband. [shouting] >> mr. speaker, i'm sure i speak for everyone in this house when i say there's deep concern about what we've witnessed over the past few days in egypt including appalling violence and death. just a year on from predilections. cannot begin by asking the prime minister for assurances that all the appropriate steps are being taken by the government to guarantee the safety of the uk nationals in that country? >> i can certainly give him that assurance, and also to safeguard our embassy in cairo. i should also add where advising british nationals against all but essential travel to egypt except for the red sea resorts. he's right these are deeply disturbing scenes, the level of violence as appalling. we should appeal to all sides to calm and
Jul 1, 2013 12:00am EDT
the purpose of the broadcast, how the government determines its effectiveness and concerns with leadership and oversight. live at 7n journal" a.m. eastern on c-span. .> they had a tremendous role without going to camp every winter was huge. and he thought so. it wasn't just a valley forge. it was every winter of the eight long years of the revolutionary war and she hated it. it was dangerous. the roads were dangerous. she was a prime object for hostagetaking. .ut she was key to troop morale and he felt that very strongly and she would organize the other officers wives and they would cook for the soldiers. they would settle for the soldiers. they would nurse the soldiers and pray for the soldiers. they put on these great entertainments for the soldiers. washington's genius was keeping the army together and washington would say that he couldn't have done it without martha and he begged her to come to camp every year so that she could work with the troops and the troops adored her. lady washington is here. >> as we continue our conversation on first ladies, they discuss first ladies from mart
FOX Business
Jul 4, 2013 8:00pm EDT
medication and be a partner with government in some unbelievable programs i can see on a regular basis. neil: your money appears to be impactful, your foundation efforts seem to be impactful on no sma measure because of you and melinda. the u.s. trackecord on this is diy, and even more globally efforts after disasters calls into question whether money ever gets to the right recipients, the haiti earthquakes so years back use as a sample. i'm sureou are familiar 2 billion raisedy governmen and private enterprise and concerts and the like. unless i missed something, it is disastrous and rig with poverty and famine and abuse as it ever was. that is what worries me. so you mention it as you did today, the number of children dying everyear has gone from 20 million to fewer than 8 million. give me examples were that is not the case. >> wait a minute, you should have gone to haiti before the earthquake. neil: i did. >>aiti was a tough place before the earthquake. a lot of that money didn't get spent, a lot of it did get spent to restore things back to that situation, and so there you are making up
Jul 4, 2013 6:00am PDT
chemicals used to make improvised bombs. >>> egypt has a new head of government replacing ousted president mohamed morsi. the chief justice of the constitutional court has been installed as interim president. adly mansour took the oath of office in cairo. >> military commanders announced they had suspended the constitution and ordered a new presidential election. they chose mansour as provisional head of state. >> anti-morsi rallies erupt ed across the country last week. protesters said the economy and public security worsened after the president took power a year ago. they demanded he resign immediately. military commanders gave morsi 48 hours to resolve the crisis. he rejected the ultimatum, so the army moved in. they have deployed armored vehicles at a number of locations, but morsi supporters have barricaded roads in some parts of cairo. they say they are ready to die fighting the military. a video on the internet shows the ousted president. a spokesperson says morsi is being held at a defense ministry facility. the egyptian prosecutor's office has ordered the arrest of the top leaders
Jun 29, 2013 6:30pm EDT
and are tested for when the government was a lot enforcement or any other entity nbc get a phone records. there are ways to do it. it will not impede criminal investigation. we need to apply a similar set of relations to how the government can access e-mail. what is the significance of 180 days? >> it is simply in the law. there is no greater reason. we are talking about e-mails that are older than 180 days in the different procedures are brought accessing them. i do not know how they came up with that kind of point. >> what is the opposition to protecting the e-mails? general, anybody on the law enforcement or intelligence side will argue it is quicker in web access to everything. why not listen to every phone call was work -- call? it is a slippery slope. of course it is better from a law enforcement perspective if every tracker and every person, you know where they are at every time. is that the expense of our liberty and travesty. thechallenge is to strike right balance. where we have safety, safety into account, we also allow privacy and freedom. again, i argue we are too far toward
Jun 27, 2013 5:30am PDT
last year. but he has been criticized for ignoring anti-government .rotests in bahrain and he is suspected of subservience to syria. his government has not exactly displayed exemplary management skills over the construction of a hydro power power dam that could threaten egypt's water supply. morsi attended the united nations general assembly, but did not meet barack obama in washington and he skipped a regional tour in march. >> morsi wants to be seen as an appendage of the united states, but in severing ties with syria recently, he allied himself with washington, it kind of turbulence that has been affecting democratic transition in egypt. cut -- >> kevin read has returned as the australian prime minister, forcing juliette out of -- julia gillard her crew. >> of the former australian prime minister as leader once more. , the truththe smiles is the australian politics is brutal. kevin read toppled julia girouard from leadership on wednesday, largely seen as revenge for what happened three years ago. gillard was gracious, but said her tenure was never easy, especially because s
Jul 2, 2013 7:00pm PDT
as hundreds of thousands of of pro and anti-government demonstrators have gone taken to the streets. it was met with celebrations from the president's supporters. >> if the price of guarding legitimacy is my blood, i'm prepared to sacrifice my blood for security -- for the security of this homeland. don't be fooled, don't fall into the trap, any act against this legitimacy is a crime and will drive the country into a dark tunnel, giving joy to our enemy. >> he has also called on egyptians not to attack the army or the security forces. >> do not confront the army or use violence. name president of egypt, addressing all egyptians. no violence toward one another. all the army -- or the army, or the police. they are responsible for our security. they have suffered a lot. they suffered injustice. we wish them to restore their true positions. >> i'll show you the scenes now in cairo. we see tens of thousands in the square, very noisy anti-mor see demonstrators staying up late into the night, reit rating their calls for the president to step down. and this ishe scene in another district of
Jul 3, 2013 9:00am PDT
dicey is this for the obama administration? how do you deal with this? this is a change in government to an elected government. the u.s. had affirmed the legitimacy of the election. now you have a situation where the elected president of the country is incommunicado. how will the administration be dealing with at this point? >> i think over the past several days every official in the united states government from the president do you know to an assistant secretary in charge of the region have been communicating constantly with their counterparts just to figure out what are you going to do? united states recognizes that it's a spectator largely at this point as richard has pointed out. it's not the actors in this situation or the army, the opposition and the existing government. it will be up to the united states just to kind of figure out what's going on, who's doing what, and obviously depending on what unfolds and how it appears there will be ramifications and policy debates about what are the implications based on what happens in the coming hours and coming days. >> going back to r
Jul 1, 2013 8:00am EDT
on the government's tracking of americans' phone records. then remarks by the ceo of sri international on his company's major innovations. that'll be with followed by the ceo of twitter who comments on his company's policy concerning national security data requests. and later, a house subcommittee looks at the use of social media during emergencies. >> c-span, created by america's cable companies in 1979, brought to you as a public service by your television provider. and this week on "the communicators" we want to talk about some of the telecommunications legislation that's being introduced in congress. joining us first is representative jared polis, he's a democrat from colorado, and he has a couple of pieces of legislation we want to ask him about. representative polis, could you start by telling us what is the epa, the electronic privacy act? >> guest: hey, peter, how are you? well, you know, a lot of these laws were essentially written before the advent of the -- before the advent, before the popularization of e-mail, of other kinds of communications, kind of written for the telephonic e
Jul 1, 2013 8:00pm EDT
block >> the communicators is next, discussing government surveillance and the legislation the three produced that would aim to protect the privacy of american citizens. >> we want to talk about legislation being introduced in congress. jared polis is a democrat from colorado. representative pollis, do you start by telling us about the electronic privacy act. >> a lot of these laws were essentially written before the advent of the -- before the popularization of e-mail, of other kinds of communications, kind of written for the telephonic era. we're looking at an area where, for instance, irs's able to read old e-mails. and several things hit at once on e-mail privacy and communications privacy. so we have several bills. that address different aspects of this. essentially digital communications -- that includes through skype, which i replacing telephone, conventional e-mail -- is becoming commonplace, and in fact displaced in many ways telephone communication. we have a totally different set of laws around protecting people's private phone conversations than we do, for insta
Jun 28, 2013 5:30am PDT
will be able to see nelson mandela. >> bolivian children living with their parents in jail. the government says it is time for them to go. we begin in the united states where general james cartwright, once a second highest-rated officer in the u.s. military, is being investigated for leaking secret information about u.s. operations overseas. our broadcast partner nbc news says a general cartwright may have revealed details of a u.s. cyber attack on iran's nuclear facilities. generalcard white -- cartwright was head of the investigation called stuxnet during the obama and bush presidencies. >> one of the big questions about the stuxnet program is who gave the information to the new york times in 2012? now there comes were that someone at the very highest levels at the pentagon may have been responsible for the leak. in 2012, the new york times ran a story about a computer worm called stuxnet and how it was the obama administration's key weapon in a prolonged cyber attack on iran's nuclear weapons program. it affected computers worldwide in 2010. cybersecurity experts assumed at that time some go
FOX News
Jul 3, 2013 12:00pm PDT
the government. a live look at anti-government protesters in tahrir square and now a statement is being read on state tv. is this accurate? this is new to me. this has just happened. a statement is being read. we were told that members of different forces within the country, the military would speak and the members of the muslim brotherhood, a pope from hoot religious group -- a pope from another religious group would be coming up. do we have translation for this? i know we have translation. oh well, we don't have translatio getting translation in the background. we will let you know what happened. the military had set a deadline for president mohamed morsi to strike a deal with those protesters. the deadline passed four hours ago and morsi refused to step down. the pro morsi demonstrators gathering at a mosque across town. you can see here the difference between those two rallies. a shot of morsi and egypt's top general together in january. edge pledged to die for his cause. soldiers surrounded the barics in cairo and aids say that's where the president has been working recently. it is uncl
FOX News
Jun 29, 2013 8:30am PDT
, everybody. the government confirming it is using nfl and other sports to promote health care and the playbook is to get healthy young americans and it will save the cost of sicker people. but the price may not be right for the young people. johnathon, young people said i don't want to do this. i rather pay the fine for not having health care than support the sick people and using health care. >> they are going to advertise for that eric. when a private company advertises a voluntary good it is promotion. but government does it that violates rights that is propaganda and obama's goal is socialized medicine and pushing everyone, young people to be on the government plan. they are pulling out all of the stops. one percent of your income or the ads. a pole to authority. i don't like obama care and lebron thinks it is col, i should reconsider. weak. >> wayne, celebrities like yourself to tout obama care. if it needs that much promotion couldn't be good. >> it is impossible. the idea of coercing people to subsiddize unhealthy people is outrageous. you are penalizing someone with a
FOX News
Jun 29, 2013 1:30pm PDT
now. >> eric: hi, welcome to kark inin. wayne rogers, jonathan hoenig and juan williams. government confirming it's gearing up to use n.f.l. and other sports to promote healthcare. it's to get healthy young americans to sign up for coverage so it will offset the cost of sicker people. one problem, report may not be price may not be right. young people said i would rather pay the fine for not having healthcare than to support all these people who are sick and using healthcare. >> they are going to advertise. when a private company contingencies a service, that is called promotion. when a government does it to advertise a coercive law that violates right that is propaganda. obama's goal has been socialized medicine especially for young people that have to pull out all the stops. 1% of your income or these ads that appeal to authority. i don't like obamacare but lebron thinks it's cool, maybe i should reconsider? weak. >> eric: major league baseball and celebrities like yourself to tout obamacare, any kind of promotion like that can't be that good? >> the whole idea of coercing healthy
Jul 1, 2013 6:30pm PDT
wins in the finals of confederations cup. thank you for joining us. governments in europe expressed shock at reports that the u.s. has been spying on european diplomatic missions and individual e.u. countries the french president says the surveillance needs to cease immediately. the german government says it is unacceptable. >> john kerry in a first response by washington played down the reports saying all governments use lots of activities to safeguard their national security. >> the german government say its is not prepared to accept internet surveillance by u.s. intelligence agencies. berlin called on washington to fully account for the latest allegations including aparnlt -- apparent spying of the e.u. offices. >> if it is confirmed that they really have been monitored we have to say that bugging your friends is unacceptable. we are no longer in the midst of the cold war. >> the allegations could derail talks on a new transatlantic trade agreement. with german federal elections three months away the main challenger to the chancellor called the allegations outrageous. >> i also f
Jul 2, 2013 5:30am PDT
from mohammed morsi's government. wheres the scene protesters have been calling for him to step down. we will be live another pro- government protest by and just a moment. first, michael johnson. >> military helicopter circling above demonstrations. the crowd went wild. the army has given the government and the groups until wednesday. allhe army forces call on five that if the people's demands are not answered, then the army forces based on international responsibility and out of respect for the people find it necessary to declare an road map for the future and executedeasures to be within the participation of the patriotic spectrum. >> interpreting the statement. you never know. [honking] very happy.d, >> the only statement is to the to the egyptian people. the army is responsible for the internal and external safety of the country. >> on the other side of cairo there was a different reaction. at the rally to support the president, many were upset about the deadlock and argued that the president should be allowed to sit -- the army should be about -- the president should be allowed
Jun 29, 2013 2:00pm EDT
across borders, and it's our contention that we have as governments, as private industry, and even as international organizations and even private individuals, which are becoming increasingly important on the international scene, obviously, we've erected artificial barriers to how we address these various challenges, and so whether it is working on a bureau that works on human trafficking that does not communicate with the bureau working on drug trafficking that does not communicate with the bureau working on proliferation issues, we've seen a government -- between governments and certainly between governments and private industries, it's really that nexus of issues that we draw together and begin to break down artificial barriers to the extent we can see across them even if we can't eliminate them entirely. brian, i'm extremely pleased, obviously, toking with you here to the simpson center, not only so you share in the party, but for a number of reasons. certainly, i enjoyed reading your book which i should mention to everyone in the room is available on, and i highly r
FOX Business
Jun 30, 2013 1:30am EDT
yourself the question whether any government agency should be doing that. and i will save this country alone, if i must! >>> mortgage rates seeing their biggest weekly jump i more than two decades. so why is that good news for the value of your home and why is the rest of my panel so worried right now that they have to stick around for another 20 minutes? >>> in the meantime, up next. looking over you shoulder for available, but they were infected with pneumonia. her pants hold out hope. i'm jamie cole. we'll be back in 30 minutes. here's james caruto. >>> the new health care law is creating a data hub of the number of books that charlie plans to sell. even the size of your family. be stein, this worry you? >> the government knows entirely o much about us already. this goes across the whole breadth and width of the government. they know too much about good people and bad people. they knew about the terrorists before 11. th knew they were having flying lessons and not learning how to land theplane. that's the problem. the government knowstoo much about people. they don't do anything abo
Jul 3, 2013 10:00pm EDT
to the national campaign, and i heard people talk about a growing government jobs. [laughter] it reminded me of one of the rules that washington, d.c. is 60 square miles of reality. [applause] the chapter on capital my road because i was worried that people in business -- christa all very few people and government had ever been in business because it's hard. it's easy for an academic to go into business. they can leave and come back to their world. it's easy for a lawyer to go into government and then come out. it's very hard for a business person. it their small business person, it's their business. they have to be there. of the are in a larger corporation, they get knocked off the ladder and they are out. and it's very hard to re-enter. as a result, you have people in business that my wife tells me that if you are in the government looking at business, you understand it intellectually but it's one dimensional. you don't have any idea. if you are in government what the government delayed us to business. you don't have any idea what uncertainty as to business. you don't really feel the impac
Jul 2, 2013 10:00pm EDT
the way, but at least the government's position is, if it has done -- the state has done absolutely nothing at all, then it's -- it can do -- do as it will. >> that gets to my second point, your honor, which is that i do think the problem here with the arguments that petitioners are advancing is that california's own laws do cut the legs out from under all of the justifications that petitioners have offered in defense of proposition 8, and i understand your honor's point and the point that justice kennedy raised earlier, but i do think this court's equal protection jurisprudence requires the court to evaluate the interests that the state puts forward, not in a vacuum, but in the context of the actual substance of califoia and here, with respect to california law, gay and lesbian couples do have the legal rights and benefits of marriage, full equality and adoption, full access to assistive reproduction, and therefore, the argument about the state's interests that petitioners advance have to be tested against that reality, and they just don't measure up. none of the -- >> well, the ar
Jun 26, 2013 6:30pm PDT
a worldwide debate about the rights of internet users. the german government has voiced concerns about privacy and personal freedoms. >> it is all about the right balance and that means we must not push our need for security so far that freedom is damaged. >> in wednesday's parliamentary debate, the opposition called for the german government to stop sitting on the fence insisting that fundamental rights are at stake. >> if we find that connection data in the content of millions of conversations, e-mails, and videos are being stored, that is the broadest infringement of the fundamental whites of german citizens we have ever seen. >> some delegates called for eu heads of states and governments to act at the summit in brussels this week. >> they need to talk about this. we want to know what has happened and we want to clearly state what is not acceptable by law. >> the true extent of secret service activity on the internet remains unknown, as does edward snowden's fate as he waits in moscow airport. >> staying in europe, france has gone back into a recession. what many experts have feared for so
Jul 2, 2013 5:30pm PDT
his democratically elected government with his life. he is asking the public to stay calm. he says egypt belongs to all and that it would take time to improve the nation because of the corruption and remnants from the former regime. mohamed morsi opponents say he has had enough time and he needs to quit now. they are frustrated about the state of the economy and security. they have been out in force since sunday. >> translator: we are waiting for the military to take action. the military is our leader. >> about 100,000 antigovernment protesters gathered and tens of thousands more surrounded the presidential palace chanting morsi should go. the supporters want him to stay. thousands of them gathered in central cairo, some wearing helmets and carrying sticks. a statement released by the ruling party says martyrs may be inevitable. >> translator: the military should respect the decision the people made. they did this through the national vote and the presidential election. >> state run media reports say there have been further outbursts of violence between morsi opponents and supporte
Jul 1, 2013 7:00pm PDT
a difficult day for the president. this would make it the sixth government minister to resign. now the foreign minister is not a member of the muslim brotherhood. a significant development there. another thing that i would like to point out to you wards to the al-noor party. the ultrareligious movement in egypt. now the movement is very strong. it is very powerful here. it received its second highest number of votes in the parliamentary elections, just to show how significant it is. now with this whole build-up around demonstrations for and against president morsi, the party had been sitting on the fence saying it would not get involved for or against him but tonight it has come out saying it is calling for early presidential elections and saying that the opposition demands should be met so it sounds as though the al-noor party is withdrawing any kind of support that it may have had for the president. >> we have seen a lot of incredible things today as we have for a few years now in egypt. you saw that amazing reaction from the people who obviously we heard from them. they trust their army. bu
Jul 4, 2013 1:00am PDT
the way for a new government. the head of egypt's supreme constitution. a man we know little about. he'll be sworn in as the interim head of the first state later on today, possibly within the next half hour. the constitution here has been suspended. a huge moment in politics in egypt. egypt's new leadership was announced and televised speech to the nation around 9:00 p.m. last night, wednesday. state media say 32 people were killed in clashes on wednesday. hundreds more have been wounded. that's the story and the picture here in egypt. let's see how this is being received regionally and around the world. there has been a mixed reaction from international leaders. president barack obama has said he's concerned about the removal of egypt's first democratically elected president. he was elected by the will of the people at the ballot box a year ago, almost to the day. saudi arabia's king abdullah sent a message of support to the new interim council and the military and incoming leader who, as i say, will be installed in the next half hour or so. let's get analysis on what's going on here
Jul 3, 2013 2:00pm PDT
with an elected government. now that government has fallen. >> i don't think we should be surprised that in egypt's advance 0 democracy, that it was never going to be a straight line. we've seen mistakes made. we've seen the fact that you have a duly elected leader but not one who is necessarily governing democratically or certainly not governing inclusively. so we know that democracy is about more than just elections and that building the institutions of democracy, the traditions of democracy will take years if not decades. >> p.j., do you think it's wise for the obama administration to hang back and let this play out before making any statements? >> well, even back in 2011, we recognized that the events were going to unfold in egypt. decisions made by egyptians of the united states would have influence only in the margins. we're in the same circumstance now. obviously, the administration faces a difficult decision in terms of how to interpret what's happened. we have laws that govern the assistance that we provide, you know, to the egyptian government as a tradition, if governments overthrow de
Jun 29, 2013 11:00pm PDT
has not always been hated by the u.s. government. in fact, before 1937, it wasn't even considered an illegal drug. but after prohibition, the government needed a new evil to go after, so they formed the federal bureau of narcotics and put marijuana near the top of the hit list. they've been hating on pot ever since. but in 1996, california became the first state to legalize medical cannabis and 18 other states followed suit. now with more and more states not only decriminalizing, but legalizing marijuana, can the federal government still believe that pot is as dangerous as heroin? and what will it take for the feds to respect state cannabis laws? turns out, one particular dispensary in oakland, california, could decide the fate of medical marijuana for the entire nation. >> time the go sell some weed. get ready. ♪ >>> in california where we are right now, medical marijuana has been legal since 1996. and once it was made legal, there was a proliferation of dispensaries where people could go and get marijuana, you know, marijuana products. once they started popping up, then the de
Jul 1, 2013 3:00pm PDT
that most people don't realize the federal government actually earns money from student debt. so you're talking to that the government will earn $34 billion off student loan debt. this is a shame. when i say it impacts the economy long term, students not only can they not forward to move out from their parents' home they also can't forward to buy cars, homes so we really have to look at the long-term impact that so much debt on such a young population is going to have. >> michael: and the hypocrisy that you pointed out at the beginning of that answer is so important to underscore. when you hear what they say well, i'm not going to pass this debt on to my grandchildren then it makes you think that they're also trying to get rid of the estate tax. they want to help their families but not everybody else. there is further hypocrisy the further you dig the deeper you dig. >> this amounts to we do not want to have college be for people who are wealthy. if you're a millionaire your kids aren't dealing in student debt because you can afford to pay for college. but with $25,000 to thousand to
Jul 3, 2013 4:00am EDT
the government together. and where would global jiters be without concern over china and india. disappointing service sector readings in june raising concerns over how resilient their domestic economies are. the clock is ticking in egypt. the president and the army warn of more bloodshed and what the military are calling the final hours of morsi's rule. >>> all right. welcome to today's edition of "worldwide exchange." over 20 stocks in the green here on the dow jones stock 600 out of that particular universe. we're down at the session lows. off 1.5% at the moment. we got a real confluence of events. official pmis out of china services and india casting suspicion on data of u.s suggesting that maybe there will be room for the fed to taper. and more crisis in arizona and instability in egypt. we're down 1.5%. as far as the individual bosses are concerned, we'll get into that. plenty of discussion around what is going on in portugal two ministers resigning yesterday, two more may be on the way and forests going on with delivery of the austerity program. down 6.3%. sharp spike higher as
Jul 3, 2013 11:00pm PDT
overthrew the elected government and took power itself. what's this game-changing event mean to democracy in the most important country in arabia? what does it mean to peace in the region? well, think of a situation in that part of the world. in afghanistan, the taliban is dying to get back into power. in iraq, the sunni minority stands ready to overthrow the government. we, the united states, put into power through the sweat, blood and the deaths of our soldiers. in syria, assad fights off the rebels in what promises to be an unending war. what a neighborhood. and in too many of the cases, the united states gotten involved in a local war between shia and sunni, a battle that's lasted 1,000 years. it isn't going to end just because uncle sam has joined the rumble. nbc's chief foreign correspondent richard engel is in tahrir square. both at the square and today's muslim brotherhood rally. and now we have richard engel. thank you. take all the time you want. tell us what's going on in cairo. >> reporter: well, i will start with what is happening right here in this square. enormous celebrati
Jul 3, 2013 8:00am PDT
a roadmap for reconciliation after millions of egyptians took to the streets to oppose his government. a leaked roadmap shows the military is prepared to overthrow more site, -- orsi. tuesday night, morsi asserted his right to serve out his term as the first in a critically elected president in egypt's history. the egyptian military's deadline expires today, leaving the country in a state of crisis. more from egypt with democracy now's sharif abdel kouddous and ahdaf soueif after the headlines. a u.s. drone strike in pakistan has killed at least 17 people. reuters is reporting most of the dead were fighters with the hi connie militant group. the attack in north missouri stand was the deadliest by the u.s. and pakistan this year, and the second since prime minister sharif took office last month. he has called for an in to the drone strikes. has eruptedy between bolivia, the u.s., and several european countries after false rumors emerged bolivian president evo morales had rescued nsa leaker edward snowden from legal limbo in russia. carryingy, an airplane rls was rerouted to austria aft
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Jul 2, 2013 3:00pm PDT
the egyptian people he was democratically elected and that his government is democratic and that he has a right to stay in power. now, the head of the egyptian army did meet with morsi today, but it still seems unlikely in the next few days, according to reports, the military is floating a plan that would get rid of the current constitution, dissolve parliament, hold elections in the next few days. this would severely hurt the muslim brotherhood which controls the president and parliament and wrote the constitution. the mood of the pro-morsi rallies have changed in the last few hours or so. they were less about support for mohammed morsi, more about defending islam to the death, the pro-muslim brotherhood groups are really casting this fight. there's a fight over the future of islam in egypt. as i said, shannon, this is really turning into a belief that the country is on the verge of sweeping political change, but what happens in the next 24 hours is very unclear. there are whispers of civil war, civil unrest, but no one knows yet what is going to happen. there's a lot to find out, shannon. >>
Jul 3, 2013 1:00pm PDT
and handed over the country to an interim administrative government. this has been the scene of jubilation and joy. since that announcement was made, the sentiment of the people is their revolution has been saved. they are now for the first time able to perhaps get their country back on the right track. the track they wanted back in 2011 when they ousted the former dictator hosni mubarak. however, tonight it is a very different tone from the supporters of president mohamed morsi including himself. we were able to hear from him, a posting was made on the official facebook page in which the president or the former president rather said that this was a military coup. he called on all citizens as well as members of the armed forces to reject this coup and more importantly, to aside by the law and constitution. even despite the fact that he has been ousted by military, he is still extremely defiant. now, at this stage, members of the muslim brotherhood and freedom and justice party, most of their leadership is at a protest across town. we understand it is a very different scene than the one her
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